In the Fall of 2012, a local software company asked, “How much of our flagship product -- a 15 year old, widely distributed piece of software -- could be ported to the web?”

We Reimagined The Interface -- The original system was deployed on their customer’s locally managed servers. It was expensive and complex, the interface was dated and unapproachable to their users, and competitors were quickly adopting new technology.

We Combined Our Teams + Trained Each Other -- Like Rounded, the organization was a software company. Their past and future, had been and needed to be, built by their own employees. The company needed help because web-based API consumption, user interface design, and advanced web applications were all unfamiliar territory.

Lastly, We Helped Them Source Our Replacements -- In deciding how to approach the problem, they weren’t sure if they ought to hire in-house or bring on Rounded. The former was in-line with their long-term goals, but they weren’t sure how to hire for a job description they didn’t yet know how to write.


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